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Mini Mission - IV: Capacity Building and Human Resource Development

The Capacity building refers to the strengthening of the skills, competencies and abilities of the stakeholders so they can perform their tasks effectively. The successful execution of the various components of the Aquaculture Mission will call for systematic building of the competencies of various stakeholders to the required degree. The Mission intends to enhance the capacities of human resources for aquaculture practices, viz., efficient management of hatcheries, fish seed production, ornamental fishery, fish production in ponds and tanks, disease management, fish feed production, processing and marketing of fish, etc.

Capacity building can take place at an individual level, institutional level and at the societal level. Though capacity building is mostly focussed on the individuals, the other two levels are equally important.

At the individual level, there are two categories of people to be considered for capacity building, viz., Departmental officials and fish farmers. The capacity building of the officials is very critical for the successful implementation of the Mission. The officials will have to be provided technical training relating to modern aquaculture practices and emerging technologies so they become abreast with the recent advances in the fisheries sector. They will also be exposed to national level fisheries institutes in the country.

The Mission will also strive for the organizational capacity building, which refers to the process of enabling the capability of an organization to perform the various tasks effectively. In the present case, the Department of Fisheries is not equipped to conduct trainings for the farmers in the absence of adequate training infrastructure. The Mission proposes to establish minimum training infrastructure in the district headquarters. It is proposed to establish seven training centres with adequate facilities for training. Availing the services of training institutions in Meghalaya like St. Anthony’s College, CAU, Barapani, NEHR of ICAR, KVKs and Fisheries College, Tripura, Fisheries College, Jorhat and NERC of NIRD at Guwahati to support the trainings are envisaged to foster the capacity building at various levels and for diverse activities.

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