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Mini Mission - V: Mass Media Campaigns

The Aquaculture Mission will mobilise the public perception through the medium of mass campaign in order successfully to publicise the goals, objectives and various technical and financial supporting programmes under the Mission and their likely impact on socio-economic welfare of the rural people, the target section of the Mission. In order to create public awareness, the mass media campaign would be used intensively by the Aquaculture Mission to sensitise people toward the fisheries sector. This would cover scientific workshops and seminars, public meetings, press releases on mission’s objectives published in Khasi, Garo and English news papers, success stories as also documentary films telecast by electronic media, etc.

Public meetings would also be organised to make the people aware about the ill-effects of indiscriminate killing of fish by dynamiting, poisoning and so on. Fish killing by dynamiting and poisoning are prevalent in most of the districts, but destruction of aquatic life due to unscientific mining is prevailing more commonly especially in the districts like Jaintia and Garo Hills, where mining activities are undertaken at large and river water pollution is very high. Such meetings deliberate in detail about the problems and come out with strategies to motivate the people at large for their active involvement in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem of the state. Such public meetings would be organised by the functionaries of the Aquaculture Mission in the cluster of villages, especially those near the rivers and/or streams. The specialists of riverine fisheries, local people, Headmen, Nokmas, Sirdars and communities, NGOs, etc. will attend these meetings.

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