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Mini Mission - VI: Emerging opportunities in the Fisheries Sector

Ornamental fish are the world’s most popular pets and fish keeping in Aquarium is one the most popular hobbies. Aquarium can be found at the airports, hotels, business houses, departmental stores, hospitals and several other places. In aquaculture sector, the ornamental fish breeding and trade provides excellent opportunities as a non-food fishery activity for employment and income generation. It is totally environment-friendly, socially acceptable and involves low investment with short gestation period. It could be adapted as a small-scale backyard enterprise either full-time or part-time and ensures high profit.

People of Meghalaya are known to be nature lovers and with the recent advances in filtration, accessibility of pelleted feeds, automatic heaters, colourful lighting, artificial aquatic plants, etc more and more people are taking up fish keeping as a hobby, thereby resulting in high demand of ornamental fish, Glass Aquarium, etc.

To meet the demand of the aquarists, the business is carried out by importing ornamental fish, Glass Aquarium, etc from other states of the country and sold through aquaria shops or hobby centres available in some pockets of the state. Some youth have started manufacturing glass aquaria, but commercial breeders are yet to be come in.

In a bid to create employment opportunities for the local unemployed youth, it is felt that ornamental fisheries should be introduced in the State Aquaculture Mission.

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