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Mini Mission - II: Critical Infrastructure Development




MSAM 2.0 was conceptualised with the aim to address two major critical components-Seed and Feed. This has led to success in terms of fish seed production with a production of 9.69 million fry in the year 2017-18. With the launch of MSAM in 2012, the Department of Fisheries has been able to complete 26 hatcheries, and 3 Fish feed mills, boosting the production of fish seed in the whole state of Meghalaya.











It was observed through MSAM 1.0 that the FRP hatcheries had better performance and acceptability in the State for Fish seed Production than the conventional Eco Hatcheries. This inducted Technology from CIFA is well suited for the hilly terrain of the State as the land holdings are smaller.











With the steady rise in fish seed production and to further add to the availability of fish seed to the fish farmers, the Department of Fisheries has decided to increase the target of FRP hatcheries under the MSAM 2.0.Progressive individual / fish farmers, Self-help groups (SHGs), Cooperatives Societies etc. having a minimum water area of 0.5 hectare would be encouraged under the MSAM 2.0.

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