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Mini Mission - IV: Capacity Building and Human Resource Development

The core foundation upon which the success of Fisheries in Meghalaya is realized is through capacity building and human resources. Capacity Development (CD) as defined by OECD is the “process whereby people, organizations and society as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain capacity over time”. The Mission envisages to develop and strengthen the core of human and institutional resources of the state by going beyond the Government sector, i.e, commercial enterprises and non-Governmental organizations. In short, it will focuses on achieving the objectives of the Mission by delivering the services atthe Individual and Institutional levels. The Department of Fisheries undertakes capacity building for Aquaculture and allied activities which include training on scientific know-how of Fish culture, preparation of training materials, raising awareness through workshops and training, efficient management of hatcheries, fish seed production, ornamental fishery, fish production in ponds and tanks, disease management, fish feed production, processing and marketing of fish, etc.


There are two main components of this Mini Mission. They are –

  1. Building the capacities of the stakeholders, and
  2. Creating/strengthening the training infrastructure

For more details download mission document: