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Mini Mission - V: Emerging Opportunities in the Fisheries Sector

The vast natural fishery resources of Meghalaya indicate the huge potential for tapping resources for development of fisheries and aquaculture in the State. Diversification and tapping of these potential resources in the most innovative and sustainable way for development and income generation through the sector may be the answer for achieving maximum sustainable yield. The diverse geographical and agro-climatic conditions of the state call for a more need based approach and specific mode of action for development. In this Mini Mission the Department aims to bring into light the large untapped potential and latest trends in the Sector that would promote a more diverse approach in livelihood opportunities, employment and economic upliftment through the sector. This Mini Mission would address the recreational value of fisheries and aquaculture, potential culture systems of new species of food value, Ornamental Fisheries and development of Marketing Linkages through modern hygienic transportation facilities and any other innovation and emerging activity in the sector.



The objectives of this Mini Mission are as follows:

  1. To create a general awareness on the latest technology and culture systems in the Fisheries Sector in both Culture and Capture segments
  2. Create entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities through fisheries sector activities.
  3. Promote non-conventional mode of employment and livelihood through fisheries sector through Aqua-tourism etc.

For more details download mission document: